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 Posted in Real Estate on November 5th, 2018 at 1:06 PM

Do you think being at the top is important? When it comes to selling homes for more I can assure you it does. Featured Homes on® gain more exposure by being prominently wrapped around the listings on every page and this increased exposure can translate into potentially greater demand for your home and help it sell for more.


I am pleased to be one of the three REALTORS® in the Galena area utilizing the most powerful online real estate marketing program in America – the Featured Homes™ Marketing System on the #1 real estate site,® .   When potential home buyers search for homes for sale, they will see your home prominently displayed first, with a full color photo, at the top of the page on®.  Through powerful relationships, your home will also appear on MSN and over 50 additional real estate and franchise sites. 


 You can now benefit from this enhanced presence on®, where your home will stand out to thousands of individuals each month. Couple this with the fact that home buyers and sellers spend more time searching for a home online on® and it's easy to see the powerful impact my Featured Home™ spot can have for your home, town home or land.  


This is just one of the key ways I leverage recent changes in home buyer online behavior to get your home the maximum exposure it deserves when you are ready to sell.  I would be delighted to meet with you in person to demonstrate the power of the® Featured Homes™ Marketing System.  If you would prefer, I could e-mail you a power point presentation on the market leadership of®.


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